Haitian Immigrant Detained at His Home in Far Rockaway

uman Rights and Immigrant Rights Activist, Jean Montrevil, was picked up by ICE on Wednesday, January 3, near his home in Far Rockaway, New York.  He is being held in detention at Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark. Jean’s lawyer has been in contact with ICE. The supervisor in charge said that "he did not know" that Montrevil has a motion pending before the Board of Immigration Appeals. As such a motion is indeed pending, we are strongly optimistic that Jean will be released shortly. Jean is a professional driver with his own business. He survived the tremendous impact of Sandy -- He can survive this also.

Nevertheless, and in great hope that ICE will do the right thing, we are holding a prayer vigil and rally in front of the Varick Street Detention Center at 11 a.m. on Friday January 5th.  Address is 201 Varick Street (corner of Houston St.) in downtown Manhattan.

We hope you will join us, Jean's family and children, elected leaders, and members of Jean's home Church, Judson Memorial in New York City, for the prayer vigil and rally.

Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper, Jean's pastor, said, "We are astonished that Jean would be picked up two weeks before his regular check-in.  Jean has been faithfully checking in for nearly a decade.  Why would ICE be aggressive towards him now?"

Jane Treuhold, Chair of the Judson Immigration Task Force, said, “We remain confident that Jean will be released.  It would be an abomination of injustice for him not be released immediately."

Rev. Juan Carlos Ruiz of the New Sanctuary Coalition says, "Jean has been our friend and the advocate of so many others for so long.  If he is detained or deported, the loss will be felt far and wide and affect not just his four children but also his vast entire community."

For questions, please call Donna Schaper at 413 687 1937 or Jane Treuhold at 917 414 5946 or Juan Carlos Ruiz at 347 369 1959.