A Prayer of Thanks for Grand Central Station on its Centenary

Olive Ayhens' ONTIME / Grand Central Great Designer, we give you thanks for the Beaux in the Arts, the clock in the center, the station grand and central by design, the tick of the clock rushing us to track 19, leaving no time to buy a Zabar’s or an oyster or a slush.  We give you thanks for large visas in crowded places, for the way Apple has snuck its logo into a logo free place, causing us to admire that massive energy that made way for trains.

For the 100 years of the grand centralizing station, and all the people we have met under its clock, we give you thanks.  So often our prayers are pastel with nature.  Today we thank you for the black and grey of industry within industry within industry, for the lanyard of it  and the way we coil to make our train and uncoil when we have made it.  So many things are made small by what they exclude and separate.  Thank you for letting the grand and central Includer continue to gather and connect.  Thank you for the grand in the grand. And get us to our next train with time to spare. Amen.