In Praise of Renee's Garden Seeds

I hope you know Renee and her seeds.  Located at 6060 Graham Hill Road in Felton, California, or on line at, she has the best lettuces anywhere.  I highly recommend the Jade Gem container lettuces.    The sunflowers aren't bad either -- bright bandolier and cinnamon sun both worked very well in Fishkill last summer.  This year I am going to try sun Samba and sunzilla.  But I want to reserve my highest praise, my A Plus, for Mrs. Scott Elliot columbine seed.  For years I had looked to replace the columbine I had seen at the International Culinary Institute in Hyde Park.  It was tri-color and had a flirtatious nature that required me to return to steal seeds at the right moment in late August.  Those seeds didn't work much to my irritated sadness.  BUT then I ordered Renee's.  They not only took, even in my shady window in my New York office.  I nursed them along all winter with ice cubes to keep the city dryness from devastating them.  They grew  and grew and grew and now I have six plants upstate and three in containers downstate.  Our flirtation is not over but just begun.  Columbine is particularly fertile when it gets going.  I am so grateful for Renee and her profligate seeds.